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The best career adviser in the education industry. Thousands trust our guidance at every step.

Our Story

Experience makes a person perfect! And an experience turned into a noble service that helps ambitious students take the right career path! 2 young lads left their engineering studies as they experienced various hurdles like being unsure about the right engineering streams and lack of knowledge. Then the Eureka moment happened, and they decided to assist students to select the right career for their bright future.

  1. 2011- We left Engineering as we faced certain challenges
  2. 2011-2014- We delivered Free career guidance seminars in schools
  3. 2014- Established ASMI to guide students with the right career path
  4. 2014-2015- 1 Office with a team of 3 enthusiasts
  5. 2022- 8 Offices all over Maharashtra with 30+ enthusiasts
  6. Reached out to more than 3 Lakh students
750 +


3,00,000 +

Students Guided

40,000 +

Students counselled


Our Vision

We strive to deliver comprehensive solutions for Medical Aspirants by guiding them to select the right medical stream to get admission to their dream colleges.

Our Mission

A wider mission to enlighten the ways of every passionate student who wishes to become a Doctor & serve the people!

Our Passion

Equal opportunity is possible only through equal empowerment. We are driven to empower all students everywhere with the knowledge to pursue their careers to the best of their ability.

We aim to be a one-stop solution for students, parents and others involved in the education process.

One-stop solution for students & parents in the education process.