Find A Career You Love & Thrive In!
ASMI’s Career Guidance is well-rounded with 4+ years of in-depth qualitative research. Steer your career in the right direction with 3 Easy steps. With explanatory seminars, you become aware of a variety of career streams and their scope, eligibility, etc. Our research-backed aptitude test lets you discover yourself, your strengths, and the field you are inclined towards. Lastly, our one-on-one discussion on your aptitude results helps you come to a decision about which career journey to embark on. We also help create a roadmap and help you achieve a successful career in the field of your choice!
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Support On Every Step Of The Admission Process
Admission processes can get tedious because of the constantly changing rules. With ASMI, you can attain a hassle-free admission process and get into the college of your dreams! Many aspirants often lose their seats due to the lack of appropriate documents and being unaware of forms and rules. You get aid in all aspects of admission with complete admission guidance, counseling, college preferences, college cut-offs, admission form filling, SMS/WhatsApp Alerts, Post Allotment Assistance, and a 24/7 Helpline as well!
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Ace Your Entrance Exams!
One of the major deciding factors in getting admission into the colleges of your choice is the entrance exams. There are a lot of technicalities that go into giving an entrance form- right from form-filling, to being constantly updated about any changes. With ASMI, you get full guidance on the various entrance exams you can take, with in-depth counseling for each exam, exam form-filling, and SMS alerts for any updates. Be completely prepared with mock tests for popular entrance exams.
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