Having worked with students over past few year, we understand what problems they faced and accordingly we have designed program for all types of students.


ASMI helps you choose an ideal career path for yourself based on your interests, capabilities, an opportunities.

Career Guidance

Find out which career suits you perfectly according to your skills, personality and personal needs. Our counsellors find a career for you based on experience our huge database of career options will not be found elsewhere.

Career Counselling

Chart a plan for your career covering your undergraduate and higher studies right towards employment. Our personal counsellors help chart this plan out for you based on your long-term goals, interest, and aptitude.

Career Assessment Test

An eye for detail which will hold you in good stead as a product designer. Interest in solving number problems can point towards a future in analytics. At ASMI, our aptitude tests are designed to bring out those hidden skills that you have not given much thought to.

One-stop solution for students & parents in the education process.

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ASMI guides you through 500+ entrance exams & helps you choose the optimal ones to assure your success.

Entrance Guidance

Our vast database informs you about entrance exams available for your chosen career path, including their difficulty level, amount of study required, colleges represented, and your chances of admission.

Entrance Counselling

Based on your personal profile, we help select the examinations that you are best positioned to crack. We draw out for you a comprehensive preparation chart to better your chances.

Mock Test

Practice test modeled exactly as real life entrance exams to help students test their preparations, and help handle pressure of the real exams.


Our in-depth research helps you select the best college based on your needs and ensures the perfect environment for nurturing your dreams.

Admission Guidance

In depth information of the step by step admission process of all relevant courses and colleges. Detailed instructions on the procedure of every round, cut off marks, documents required and many more small details that will make your admission experience error free.

Admission Counselling

Select the optimum college based on your requirements and exam scores. We will ensure the choices match your need for placements, quality of faculty, facilities, culture, and so on. Guidance on what it takes to ensure the best growth of career at the college you choose.

Cut off software

A software that will compare your score with other’s results and previous trends to help you decide the order in which you prefer colleges. This guidance was till now only given by professionals who are most sought after and expensive.Cut off software will make this affordable to the average student.

One-stop solution for students & parents in the education process.

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Other Allied Services

To make sure students will not miss any alerts or any application form, we have design the following services.

SMS Alert

No matter where you are our text messages will remind you of important dates and events with relation to entrance exams and admission rounds. This is an extremely cost effective and efficient service and one of our most popular products!

Form Filling

Ensure that your form will be accepted 100%. Our experts assist you in form filling to make sure that each and every bit of information is given in the right format, and wording. This is a great product that has saved time and more importantly ensured that no delays or cancellations occur due to faulty form filling and common errors.

Information Booklet

Our booklets have every piece of information you need on careers, entrances, admissions and counselling. Written in a clear and concise manner, with a lot of information to help you in your journey. These books are always up to date and a lot of the information there comes through data collected by ASMI exclusively for these booklets.

ASMI has guided students to the following
prestigious institutes

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

National Institute of Technology

National Institute of Design


ILS Pune

Sir J.J. College of Architecture

BKPS College of Architecture

Birla Institute of Technology & science, Pilani

One-stop solution for students & parents in the education process.

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